Errors اللحن

Errors     اللحن

Errors which are made while reciting the Qur’an are of two types:

1.   Major Errors      لَحن جَليّ
2.   Minor Errorsلَحن خَفيّ          1.

Major Errors-لَحن جَليّ           

Major errors are five, which are as follows:

1-      To recite one letter in place of another ,e.g.

Instead of reciting الَحمدُ   a person recites  الهَمدُ  or instead ofث    a person recites س  

Or in place of   ط   one recites      ت

2-      To add a letter to a word,  when we stretching the vowels longer, e.g.

The reader adds aو   after theد   in الحمدُ  insead of dummah  or a ي after لِله instead of kasrah  thus reciting الحمدُ للهِ (الحمدو للهي)

3-      To delete a letter from a word when we shorten the letter: e.g.

Not to recite the و   in لم يُولَد and thus recite it as  لم يُلَد

4-      To recite one harakah in place of another: e.g.

To recite اياكَ     with a kasrah on the ك   instead of a fat’hah or to recite the hamzah in اهدنا with a fat’hah instead of a kasrah etc.

5-      To recite a harakah in place of a sukoon (Jazm): e.g.

To read a fat’hah on the ن or the م as in انعَمتَ or انعَمتَ

Note: to make any of the above mentioned errors is a major sin and haraam.

            It is compulsory to refrain from these errors.

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